Gifted and Talented

How GT Works at the junior high:

During registration each G/T student selects which intensive courses in which to receive their G/T services. A G/T students must receive services in at least 1 intensive course. Students are not required to take more than 1 intensive course. Also, a G/T student can enroll in an intensive course without receiving G/T services/differentiation.

Currently, the G/T students are invited to participate in a pull out time once a week or once every other week during their ELA time on Fridays. Students attend the pull out lab time to discuss topics on giftedness and to work on their assigned G/T project.

A G/T project is assigned to each student in the class of their choice. These projects are assigned by the math, science, social studies, or ELA teacher, but may be completed in the pull out lab time, or at home. Questions about projects should be directed to the teacher who assigned the project.

More info on the pull out program:


  • The pullout time will take place 1 period per week during the ELA block. This time will be used for independent research in their specialty subject as well as any passion projects the student wishes to work on independently.
  • The pullout time will also be a time to give the students information on topics relating to giftedness and enrichment opportunities such as contests.
  • The students will keep a log of the activities completed during the pullout time. A copy of this log will be sent to the content area teachers periodically for their own records of progress.
  • Since teachers will be assigning research projects at their own pace and discretion, a student may have a time in which he/she is not currently participating in a research assignment. For any student lacking a research assignment at any given time, the GT coordinator may assign a cultural project to complete with his or her peers during the pullout time. Any student found not to be using his/her time appropriately will be sent back to class.
  • At times the pull out program time may be cancelled due to ELA classroom activities, testing, etc. This will be documented on the student logs.

2016-2017 Updates:

Programming robots

During the month of October, the GT students are learning how to drive our Sphero SPRK robots. Student groups will have the opportunity to build obstacle courses and program the robots to navigate through the courses automatically. These will be showcased at our end of the year GT Showcase Event.


November is National Novel Writing Month. During the fall months, students who are interested in creative writing will be guided by Mrs. Ross (who has written 6 novels herself during Nanowrimo) through the practice of writing their first novels.
Excerpts and novels will be on display at our end of the year GT Showcase Event.

2015-2016 G/T Research Projects:

We began the year by deciding which subject each student would like to specialize in this year. Students were able to pick 1 or 2 specialty subjects in which to complete an in-depth project to enrich their learning. The students have been researching everything from space probes to foreign wars to Greek mythology to screen writing.

2015-2016 7th Grade:

This semester the 7th graders conducted their own action research as a group project in Mrs. Ross's ELA classroom. They utilized stability balls, standing desks, and pedal exercisers as alternative classroom seating arrangements.  The students were in charge of conducting surveys and collecting data about the effects of active seating on the classroom environment and student learning.

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2015-2016 8th Grade:

The 8th graders began a new collaboration this spring semester as well. These students worked together to share our local, state, and national culture with a classroom overseas. We exchanged a cultural box with our partners overseas. The 8th grade G/T students enjoyed broadening their worldview while learning about cultures from around the globe.